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Using Postman to authenticate Salesforce with REST

Create connected App from App Manager.

    1. Enable OAuth Settings.
    2. Select Auth scopes [same scope[default] apply in Auth provider and Name Credentials]
    3. Callback URL, type the fully qualified domain name of your server, using the https protocol, and append the following text to the URL: auth/add_oauth_token.
    4. Get consumer key(client_id) and consumer Secret(client_secret).
Connected App
Consumer details

After creating the connected App we have the client_id and client_secret.

Create a new request In postman.

    1. select post method. and add the URL. “”
    2. pass params(grant_type=password, client_id, client_secret, username, or password. In your password add token key after passwrod)
    3. for the security token settings –> personal –> reset my security token
    4. click on send button
Post API


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