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Utilize the API LogFile to generate an Excel sheet

In Salesforce, the EventLogFile object represents a log file that captures information about specific events that occur within an organization’s Salesforce environment.

These events can include things like user login attempts, report exports, data access requests, and changes to certain types of records, among others. The information captured in an EventLogFile can be used for troubleshooting, auditing, compliance, and security purposes.

EventLogFile records are automatically generated by Salesforce for certain events, and can also be created programmatically by Apex code or through the Salesforce REST API. The log files are stored in a compressed format and can be accessed through the Setup menu or programmatically using the Salesforce API.

It’s worth noting that there are some limitations and considerations when working with EventLogFiles, such as storage limits, data retention policies, and the potential impact on system performance. Therefore, it’s important to carefully plan and manage the use of EventLogFiles in your Salesforce environment.

Here, I have a Trailhead org as usual and I am Using salesforce Inspector Extension. Copy this Query and Execute In Inspector Extension.

Select Id, EventType, LogDate, LogFileLength, LogFileContentType, ApiVersion, LogFile from EventLogFile

EventLogFile Query

Copy this Logfile URL and login on workbench. Now select Rest Explore Option under Utilities.

Rest Explore Option under Utilities

Select get method and paste logfile URL and click on Execute.

logfile URL

Here is your all data. Copy all this data and paste it any text editor and save using CSV Extension.

Text editor

Now, open that File in Excel Format.

CSV Data

To learn more about the EventLogFile follow the following documentation link.

Thank you!! I hope this information is helpful for you.


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