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Use the Select element to generate a picklist within Omniscript

Here I’ll show you one by one step.

In Omniscript, the Select element provides the capability to create a picklist or dropdown list where you can choose a single option from a list of choices.

There are three methods available to configure the options for the Select dropdown:

    1. Manual: This involves manually inputting the options as label/value pairs.
    2. SObject: This method retrieves the options from a specific Salesforce object and field.
    3. Custom: Here, the options are obtained from an Apex controller.

This blog primarily focuses on explaining the first two methods in detail.

To manually input the options:

    1. Drag and drop a Select element onto a Step in Omniscript.
    2. Choose “Manual” as the Option Source.
    3. Click on “+ Add New Option” to add the options using a label-value pair.
    4. While adding the dropdown values, you have the following options:
        • Select “Use as Default” to make an option pre-selected by default.
        • Select “Auto Advance” to automatically proceed to the next step when this option is clicked.
Manual select option

To retrieve options from a Salesforce object and field:

    1. Choose “SObject” as the Option Source.
    2. In the Source field, enter the object and field names in the format “Object.field”. For instance, “Account.CleanStatus” would represent the Status field in the Account object.
SObject Open Source

Here is a both Preview.

Select Element Preview
Select Element Preview

Thank you!! I hope this information is helpful for you.


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