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In Salesforce Flow, grab the current record ID by creating a text variable called “recordId.” For the complete sObject records and field values, make a record variable of a specific sObject type in the flow. This quick guide helps you get the current record in Salesforce Flow.

  1. Make a Screen Flow named “Get Record” and set up a variable for the recordID.


In the image above, we made a recordId variable with the data type as the record and the object as Account.

Note: Ensure you’ve chosen “Available for input” for Availability Outside the flow.

How to show record information in a Flow?

Test this feature by displaying the account name in the text.

Create a button action in the account object based on your needs.

add a button to a Page Layout.

Include the previously made button in the relevant page layout.

Test the flow by clicking the “Get Record” button; it should display the account name.

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