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Global Picklist Value

Enhance Data Management with Picklist Values in Salesforce

today’s topic we’re going to cover Global pick list. Global pick list is something we can use as a template for pick list values.

Here is My youtube video Link.

for example when you create a new pick list the usually you go and modify your own values right but with the help of global pick lists you actually can bring values that previously were defined for you. so to demonstrate the example I can go to my Trailhead org on Salesforce.

Let’s say I’m on a lead object, and before we create a new field – specifically, a Global Picklist Salesforce field – we need to explore picklist value sets. This is where you define your global picklist, ensuring consistency and streamlined data management.

currently, I have a solar boat model, but let’s just create a new one we will be using in this demo and I will say I will name it as status name automatic good Excel. you can actually make this uh automatically filtered or like for you based on alphabet and you can also set up the first value as default really but let’s for now just skip this way so now we select it and saved it in our Global value set. so in this time we will go create a new a new field for lead object.

Let’s search for lead objects where we’ll be utilizing our Global Picklist field in a new relationship. This is how you commonly create a picklist. Next, we’ll define this as my “great,” and then in this section, you can effectively utilize Picklist values in Salesforce.

here it’s actually on default right before you will go and click here and then the type URL is here right but as I was just telling you we’re going to be just saving ourselves some time and think about if you have a lot of uh pick list that is using the same type of values right so that’s how we utilize Global pick list. so that’s like that checkbox and I’m now in drop down you can see the status that we created for a Blog Global pick list nice so this was automatically selected.

let’s clicks next clip everything on default save now we can actually I see an example for leads let’s go to Casey Snyder details let’s scroll to the bottom we’re looking for great. here and you can see all the values that I Define in a global pick list called status are visible here excellent save. yeah,

that’s how you guys work with Global pick list and the benefit one of the benefits as I was telling you save yourself time and if you will need to utilize the same valleys all over on different records or Fields or objects that’s how you can do and save yourself some time thanks so much for your time.

I hope this information is helpful for you.


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