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Top Features of Salesforce Community Cloud

The Salesforce Community Cloud is highly flexible, capable of adapting to meet the unique demands of any business, ensuring a tailored and streamlined experience.

  • Business Integration
  • Personalization
  • Customization
  • Branded Community
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Case Escalation
  • Knowledge Base and Q&A
  • E-commerce
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Personal Member Scoring
  • Data Sharing
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • File sharing
  • Community Groups
  • Topics Pages
  • Feed Actions
  • Community Management
  • Chatter Collaboration

Key Features of Community Cloud
1. Build and Customize Your Community

This feature facilitates the construction and customization of your community to meet specific needs and objectives.

2. Connect with Your Customers

Experience exceptional service through the power of community software provided by the community cloud. This robust software empowers users to create efficient and self-service experiences. Here are the various ways you can establish connections with your customers:

  1. Streamlined Workflows: The community cloud enables customers and agents to work intelligently with easy access to:
  2. Effortless Case Creation: Customers can directly create community cases, which are automatically escalated based on keywords.
  3. Fostering Engagement: Identify the most active members and encourage them to endorse each other’s specific skills and experiences within the community.
  4. E-commerce Integration: Integrate an e-commerce platform that allows customers to search for and purchase products within a unified environment.
  5. Insightful Community Management: Utilize the preconfigured and customizable lightning dashboards in the community management console to analyze adoption rates, popular groups, and other key metrics.
3. Partner Sales Growth

The Salesforce community cloud revolutionizes the sales channel by establishing direct connections with resellers, distributors, and partners. Here’s how it effectively boosts partner sales:

  1. Data Sharing: Facilitate the exchange of contacts, leads, and records with partners while centralizing pricing, inventory, and more through integration with third-party systems.
  2. Streamlined Information Access: Enable effortless data sharing and connect partners with product experts, ensuring they have access to relevant information tailored to their needs.
  3. Action-Oriented Collaboration: Empower partners to take immediate action within the feed, converting leads into opportunities and approving marketing funds.
  4. Performance Tracking and Insights: Leverage reports and dashboards to monitor and rank partner performance. Share customizable reports to foster alignment with strategic objectives.
4. Empower Your Employees for Enhanced Productivity

The Salesforce community cloud takes employee productivity and engagement with internal and branded communities to new heights.

Here’s how the community cloud empowers your employees:

  1. Contextual File Access: Secure, social, and mobile file access seamlessly integrated into your core business processes. Sync files across all devices, bringing them together in one easily accessible location.
  2. Structured Collaboration: Establish structure in discussions and activities. Create groups for your team, upcoming events, new projects, or campaigns. Share files and records across your organization, including video integration.
  3. Instant Access to Information: Auto-generated topic pages provide a centralized location to collect discussions, files, groups, and expert insights. Stay up-to-date on relevant conversations in the community with topic follow capabilities.
  4. Collaborative Work Environment: Empower employees to collaborate on projects, connect with subject-matter experts, receive updates, and more. Foster an innovative workplace where anyone, regardless of location, can contribute ideas.
5. Business Integration

The Salesforce community cloud offers comprehensive business integration capabilities that provide a holistic view of the entire order lifecycle across various selling channels. Key features include:

  1. Order Management: Manage order placement, fulfillment, and delivery from a single location, streamlining the entire process.
  2. Centralized Order Repository: Maintain a master repository containing information on all orders, ensuring easy access and efficient order tracking.
  3. Simplified Content Management: Create content in one central location and distribute it wherever needed, simplifying content management and ensuring consistent messaging.
  4. Creative Control Workspace: Leverage the CMS workspace as a creative control room to develop, manage, and synchronize content to be displayed to customers. Keep content updated according to evolving requirements.
  5. Collaboration and Personalization: Enable content developers to collaborate and manage variations for personalized customer experiences.
  6. Flexible Content Creation: With the user-friendly CMS system, easily generate new blogs, social posts, emails, and other customized content as per specific requirements.

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