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User actions, visibility, and data access hinge on permissions. Dynamically checking these enhances security and user experience. Now, in LWC, we can directly verify permissions without making an Apex server call.

Import a static permission reference and check if it’s true or undefined to determine user permission.

Secure access, protect sensitive data. Tailor user experience based on roles and permissions. Enhance efficiency by enabling/disabling features dynamically.

Check both custom and standard permissions for the current user. Modify the component’s behavior based on the user’s permission. Import permission check using hasPermission from ‘@salesforce/userPermission/PermissionName’.

Add @salesforce/userPermission and @salesforce/customPermission scoped modules to verify user permissions. Implement specific actions in the component based on the user’s permission status.


// Check standard permission import hasPermission from
// Check custom permission import hasCustomPermission from '@salesforce/customPermission/Custom_Permission_Api_Name';
  [] [/]<setup-button disabled={isSetupEnabled} onclick={openSetup}></setup-button>
  <template if:true={isReportVisible}>

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