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Top Reasons to Choose Salesforce Lightning Services

Sales reps have been confident ever since Salesforce created one of its most powerful CRM platforms, called Salesforce Lightning. At the same time, the promise of increased productivity is important for gaining valuable data insights and thus discovering creative ways to sell. This is probably the best CRM tool that allows sales reps to work anytime, anywhere in a very efficient manner. Here are the top reasons why Salesforce Lightning Services is popular with the modern sales force.

150+ Exciting Features for Sales Reps
The 150+ cool features in Salesforce Lightning provide endless sales rep love. The best part is, each can significantly increase productivity. Therefore, if sales reps are unfamiliar with these features, it is recommended that they not mind seeking help from Salesforce Lightning Advisor.

After all, it is to give them greater help. Precisely, one should know about features like Lightning Voice, which help to connect sales reps with prospects in a very effective way through voice calls directly from the Sales Cloud. In a nutshell, it allows sales reps to answer calls on their cell phones.

Mobile-friendliness is also one of the main reasons Salesforce Lightning is growing in popularity. It makes it easier for salespeople to handle the sales process.

Link to Outlook for better performance tracking
Through the strategic link between Lightning and Outlook, reps can now access Lightning through Outlook. This means they don’t have to jump from one to the other. Most importantly, Salesforce Lightning makes the sales process as simple as possible by automating the sales process. Not only for sales reps but also for sales managers, it makes life easier by allowing them to track the performance of sales reps.

There are certain aspects such as gestures and opportunities that can help managers address this. These metrics give managers visibility into individual salespeople. Sales managers need to learn from professional firefighters to handle this process effectively.

Large Software Pool for Customized Support

The Lightning component is another major factor contributing to the growing popularity of Salesforce Lightning. It simplifies things about Salesforce software development. Instead, it’s just a drag-and-drop approach to creating apps for mobile and desktop platforms.

Additionally, it allows customization of Lightning Experience pages. Also, one can easily identify more than 157 third-party apps through the Lightning AppExchange. These programs are known for their smooth user experience for those who want to work through Lightning.

Customer Community for Great Customer Support

Lightning Customer Community is another great feature of Salesforce Lightning for sales reps to better connect with customers. It is very easy and user-friendly, which helps companies to connect with customers in a smart way. Its advanced UX facilitates high customization for superior customer experience.

Additionally, you can also develop cool features like Snaps-Ins through Lightning components that help companies easily integrate customer support into web pages and apps. Those not familiar with these features can use professional Salesforce lightning solutions, but this is an aspect for sales reps to learn.

All said and done; Salesforce Lightning Services can be an all-in-one solution for sales reps, whether it’s to improve productivity or improve customer support.

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