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Permission set groups are created by selecting specific permission sets, which collectively grant users all the necessary permissions for their respective roles.

A permission set group is a collection of selected permission sets that together grant users all the necessary permissions required for their respective roles.

To set up a permission set group in a Salesforce Org with Spring’20, the following actions can be performed:

    1. Access the Permission Set Groups section by going to Setup and entering “Permission Set Groups” in the Quick Find box, then clicking on the relevant option.
    2. Click on “New Permission Set Group” to create a new permission set group.
    3. To add permission sets to the group, go to the Permission Set Group detail page, under “Permission Sets,” and click on “Permission Sets in Group.”
    4. Click on “Add Permission Set.”
    5. On the “Add Permission Sets” detail page, select the permission sets that should be added to the group and click on “Add.”
    6. Click on “Done.” Once the update is complete, the permission set group status will change to “Updated.”
    7. To filter the list of available permission sets that can be added to the group, click on “Create New View” on the “Add Permission Sets” detail page.
    8. Specify the view name, filter criteria, fields, and visibility options, then click on “Save.”
    9. To access a customized view, select it from the “View” dropdown menu.

In addition to adding permission sets to a permission set group, other actions that can be performed include removing permission sets from a group, assigning the group to a user, and muting permission sets.

To remove permission sets from a permission set group, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the detail page of the permission set group.
    2. Under “Permission Sets”, click on “Permission Sets in Group”.
    3. Select the permission sets that you want to remove from the group.
    4. Click on “Remove Permission Sets”.

To assign permission set groups to users, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the detail page of the permission set group.
    2. Click on “Manage Assignments”.

To complete the assignment of permission set groups to users, follow these steps:

    1. On the “Manage Assignments” page, select each user whom you want to assign the group to.
    2. Click on “Assign”.
    3. Once you have assigned the group to all desired users, click on “Done”.

To add a muting permission set to a permission set group and disable specific app permissions and system permissions, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the detail page of the permission set group.
    2. Under “Permission Sets”, click on “Muting Permission Set in Group”.
    3. Click on “New”.
    4. Enter a name for the muting permission set or accept the default name and click “Save”.
    5. To select which permissions to mute, click on the muting permission set group name to view the Muting Permission Set Group detail page.
    6. In the detail page, depending on the type of permissions you want to mute, click on “App Permissions” or “System Permissions”.
    7. On the permissions page for the selected category, click on “Edit”.
    8. In the “Muted” column, select the permissions that you want to mute, and click “Save”.

Here are the different status options for a Permission Set Group:

    1. Updated – This status indicates that the combined permissions in the group correctly reflect all the permissions that have been added to it.
    2. Outdated – This status indicates that a change has been made to the permissions in the group, but the system has not yet been updated to reflect the change.
    3. Updating – This status indicates that the permission set group is currently being recalculated due to recent changes.
    4. Failed – This status indicates that the recalculation of the permission set group has failed for some reason.


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